Green tea, tincture 50 ml

  • Brand: Zdravnitza
  • Cat No: 9991300

Camellia sinensis
Effect: Beneficial for the nervous system, heart system, the genitourinary system. Antioxidant. Tonic. Could be included in dietary regimens for obesity.
Ingredients: 1ml contains 1ml tincture 1:5,equivalent to 250mg Camellia sinensis. Ethanol 66% vol. / Vol. Without a prescription.
Application: Oral - 30 drops (1.2 ml ) 3 times daily 15 min before the meal in 100 ml of water.
Content of a single dose: 300 mg Green tea leaf.
Content of a daily dose: 900mg Green tea leaf.
Do not use at night time, it could interfere the sleeping as it gives energy.
Expiration after first opening: 2 months.

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