Nevroeffect, support nervous system - 50 ml

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Nevroeffect is a herbal tincture (nutritional supplement) that supports the nervous system, works well under stress, assists normal sleep.

Package Quantity: 50 ml 
Origin: Bulgaria 
Ingredients: view description 
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For positive effect and support of the nervous system

- Supports the nervous system;
- Has a favorable effect in case of stress and mental loadings;
- Supports normal sleep;
- Antioxidant effect.


Ginseng – root (Rad. Panaxi ginsengi, extr.) - 17%
Peppermint – leaf (Fol. Menthae piperitae, extr.) - 17%
St. John’s Wort – sprig (Hb. Hyperici perfopati, extr.) - 17%
Wild thyme – sprig (Hb. Thymi serpylli, extr.) - 16%
Valerian – root (Rad. Valerianae officinalis, extr.) - 13%
Angelica – root (Rad. Angelicae officinalis, extr.) - 10%
Majoran – sprig (Hb. Origani majoranae, extr.) - 10%

Suggested Use:

Per oral. 2 times daily, dose of 30 drops dissolved in 100 ml liquid.

For oral use. The relevant quantity dissolved in 100 ml liquid, before, during or after meal. 
Not to exceed recommended daily dosage. Product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Contraindications: When there are respective allergies.

Pakcing: 50 ml

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