• Brand: Bioprogramme
  • Cat No: 030502

Application: 1 dose: put 2 sachets in 300 ml of water. The mixture boils for 15 minutes, then is poured into 300 ml. Water and allow to stand for 24 hours in a refrigerator. Accept the following scheme: Drink 3 times 3 times a day. After eating. Second day drink three times 4 cc. A third day of drinking 5 tbs. Two more doses are prepared, which are taken on the third day schedule. It is 10 days and can be repeated.
Attention! The herb should not be used for gastrointestinal and renal inflammations, acute gastritis, pregnancy, and in young children.
Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris (100%)
Measure: 20 pcs. X 1.5 g filter without thread / box, net 30 g

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