Prostaono - tincture, Endocrine and Reproductive system, 50 ml

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Contents: 1 ml of liquid contains: an alcoholic-water extract with an alcohol content of 66% v / v corresponding to:

Small Fiowerd willow- 84mm
Scotch Thistle - 48mm
Nettle root - 36mm
BirchnLeaves - 36mm
Application: It works favorably with problems with the prostate gland and the bladder.
Usage: 30 drops dissolved in a small amount of liquid, 3 times a day. Daily intake of 90 drops.

How It Works:

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial - Small-colored needle has an inhibiting effect on inflammatory processes of the prostate, most commonly caused by Escherichia coli bacteria, and contributes to the normal functions of the excretory system.

Toning - The donkey thistle acts as a body tonic for discomforts and urinary disorders due to prostate problems.

Diuretic - The roots of nettle and white birch leaves act favorably on the kidneys and the bladder, stimulating the body to dispose of harmful substances. The white birch leaves a general effect on the body.

Without: colorants, flavorings, sugar, animal products and gluten

Packaging: glass bottle 50ml in cardboard packaging of 100% recycled paper.

No prescription!

Curious: Maria Treben is the man who discovers the power of small-colored willow for problems with bladder, kidney and prostate. Interestingly, this herb can also be used by women, for gynecological problems or for disturbances in the excretory system.

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